Research Paper Outline Example
I.   Introduction

       Thesis: The way our current media portrays the “ideal” woman has created an unrealistic standard that women hold themselves to, which leads to poor self-esteem, unhealthy habits, and an identity struggle.

II.  Poor Self-Esteem

       A.  Define self-esteem

             1.  Ways it is both built and broken

             2.  Why is it so vital to our being

       B.  Self-worth

             1.  Being thin and attractive gives women self worth

             2.  Media tells us that the most important things are riches and beauty

             3.  How the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty aims to counteract the struggle of worth

       C.  Media’s “ideal woman

             1.  Standard media has set is nearly impossible to achieve

             2.  Surrounded by magazines, movies, TV, photos of the “ideal” woman

             3.  Growing Up Girls story about mannequin

III.  Unhealthy Habits

       A.  Eating Disorders

             1.   Anorexia

             2.   Bulimia

             3.   Crash Dieting/Yo-Yo Dieting

       B.  Obsession and Drastic Measures

             1.  appearance

             2.  weight

             3.  cosmetic surgery

             4.  self-harm to attain a feeling of control

IV.  Identity Struggle

       A.  Media’s standards for beauty: skinny, pretty, put together, rich

             1.  be miserable, or “fix” your appearance

             2.  triggers dangerous behavior with the goal of achieving “beauty”

       B.  Our examples

             1.  models who are technically anorexic

             2.  photos that are edited

             3.  the fact that we are surrounded by media triggers a constantly critical attitude of ourselves

       C.  Discontent

             1.  what the media promotes causes severe dissatisfaction

             2.  women build walls to hide their insecurities

             3.  search to define their identity in unhealthy ways

                  a.  outward appearance

                  b.  self-harm

                  c.  toxic relationships

V.   Conclusion