Unit #14
Apr 12-18
1.  Learn about research papers
2.  Get a CCU library account (for online research)
3.  Decide on a topic
4.  Write thesis statement 
5.  General Research (lots of reading using your "scanning skills")
6.  Essay map
7.  Basic Outline
8.  In-depth Research
9.  Annotated Bibliography.  
10.  Make any changes to your thesis statement and essay map 
11.  Better Outline
12.  Bibliography
13.  Intro Paragraph
14.  First Main Point (Roman Numeral #1)
15.  First Complete Draft
16.  Abstract
17.  Title Page 
18.  Finish APA format
19.  Peer Review
20. Transfer everything to a Word document 

Assignment 14.1...Abstract

An abstract is a brief summary of the research paper.  It is between 150-200 words long and contains the main points and purpose of the paper.  The purpose of the abstract is to give the reader a quick review of the paper to determine if they want to continue to read the paper in its entirety.

When written in APA format, the word "Abstract" should be centered and typed in 12 point Times New Roman.  The main body must be "left justified" and also in 12 point Times New Roman.  Do not indent the first line of the abstract paragraph.  All other paragraphs in the paper should be indented.  Also double space.

"Click Here" for more info on writing the Abstract
"Click Here" and scroll down the new window that opens for more info on Abstract format and title pages.

Sample of an Abstract

The abstract will appear on its own page just before the start of your research paper.

(2 hours)

Submit 14.1 due Apr 14 (30 pts)

Assignment 14.2

Title Page

Click Here for an example on the OWL website of the correct apa format for a title page
(scroll down the page to see an example of a correct title page

"Click Here" for a website to create the Title Page using a Header in Word 2010

(30 minutes)

Submit 14.2 due Apr 15 (5 pts)

Assignment 14.3

Peer Review

email me your research paper complete with title page, abstract, completed paper, and works cited page in Google docs.

Submit 14.3 due Apr 18 (5 pts)

Total Hours: 3.5

Discovery Sheet For Research Paper Peer Review

Copy and Paste the questions and prompts below into a Google document, answer the questions and prompts, and send to me for a grade.

1.  What is the topic of the paper?  Is the topic in the correct place in the intro?

2.  Is there an attention getter?  What is it?

3.  What are the three points the paper will cover?
Do each of the three points support the side of the argument the writer is trying to get the reader to take?
       point 1...supports the argument by:

       point 2...supports the argument by: 

       point 3...supports the argument by:

4.  What is the average number of in-text citations per page?

5.  Are the in-text citations "cited" correctly?  If not, what is the problem?

6.  Does all paragraph info support the first sentence of each paragraph? 

7.  Does the conclusion sum up the paper and include the thesis and essay map?

8.  Is the "work cited" page done correctly?
~are the bibs in alphabetical order?
~are the indents correct?

9.  Does the abstract summarize all points in the paper?

10.  Is there a variety of works cited in the paper...or does the writer seem to be using the same reference way too often?