Unit #1
Jan 5-10
Assignment 1.1
At the top of your paper, tell me the topic from page 189 that you will be writing about, then answer the 6 questions at the top of page 191.  Please answer these questions thoroughly. 
(1 hour)

Read and take notes over the reading from pp 181-188.  (1 hour)

On page 189, you will see a list of "Essay Topics" for a paper that is "Developed by Example", peruse the list and decide on a topic that you would like to use for your paper.  

Submit Assignment 1.1 (10 pts)  due Jan 7

Assignment 1.2 
Read and take notes over pp 191-195  (1 hour)

Using the topic from Assignment 1.1, write a completed 5 paragraph paper following the "Development by Example" format.
This paper must contain well-developed paragraphs 7-10 sentences each and be 500-700 words. (3 hours)

**For a review of correct 5 paragraph paper format, click here for a refresher.

Turn in notes and paper

Submit Assignment 1.2 (50 pts) due Jan 10

Total Time for Unit #1:  7.25 hours

CLICK HERE for a six minute video on the work for this week