Unit #1
Jan 4-6
Novel Notecard:  Oliver Twist due Monday, January 9

Assignment 1.1

Pick one of the following topics:

Are Hollywood actors overrated?
Does the death penalty work in the United States?
School teachers should allow students to use their mobile devices for lessons
Boys and girls should study in separate classes

Just trying to get you back into the swing of things and writing 5-paragraph papers.
For this assignment, write the intro paragraph.

Submit your intro paragraph for 1.1 assignment due January 5

Assignment 1.2
For this lesson, write the next 3 paragraphs (your 3 main body paragraphs)

What to turn in:  Introductory paragraph you did in 1.1, and
your 3 main body paragraphs

I will grade and edit your 3 main body paragraphs and return to you so that you can fix and submit with 1.3.

Submit your intro and 3 paragraphs for 1.2 assignment. (40 pts) due January 9

Assignment 1.3
Now, write a good conclusion restating your thesis and essay map and pull everything together.  Remember not to introduce any new information in this paragraph.

What to turn in:  Your fixed Introductory paragraph from 1.1, your fixed 3 main body paragraphs from 1.2, and your conclusion paragraph

Submit your whole stinkin' awesomely incredibly fantastic paper for 1.3 assignment. (10 pts) due January 10