Unit #12
Mar 27-31
Writing About Literature (continued)
12.1  Taking Notes on "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost

Read the poem on pages 463-464 and take notes over the poem.
You might want to consider the point of view in the poem.  Who is the speaker?  How old might they be? What actions are described in the poem?  What new insight does the person have?   How might a reader see Frost's "diverging roads" as a metaphor?  And...write down any other info that comes to mind.

Hint:  You might want to do some internet research for more info so you are an "expert" with this poem so that you can write intelligently about it.  Take notes not only on the facts introduced in the poem, but also think about what Frost might have been telling the reader and what YOU as the reader imagine him to mean.  This is important...spend lots of time determining what the author meant when writing the poem.
(1 hour)

Submit 12.1 Notes on "The Road Not Taken" on Mar 30  (10 pts)

12.2  Literary Analysis Of "The Road Not Taken"

Given the poem, present your interpretation of "The Road Not Taken".  Support your analysis with ample references to the work...this means, use parts of the poem to support what you are interpreting.  You might want to consider the point of view, imagery, narrative structure, characterization, etc.

Hint:  Use 5 paragraph paper form.  Come up with a thesis statement telling me the topic of the paper and then the essay map with the 3 points of the interpretation.  I would suggest interpreting 3 parts of the poem, or maybe 3 time periods the poem is talking about, etc.
(3 hours) *Make sure it is 750-800 words!!

Submit 12.2 Five Paragraph Paper on "The Road Not Taken"  on Apr 1 (60 pts)

What you have done already with your Research Paper

1.  Learn about research papers
2.  Get a CCU library account (for online research)
3.  Decide on a topic
4.  Write thesis statement
5.  General Research (lots of reading using your "scanning skills")
6.  Essay map
7.  Basic Outline
8.  In-depth Research
9.  Annotated Bibliography. 
10.  Make any changes to your thesis statement and essay map
11.  Better Outline
12.  Bibliography
13.  Intro Paragraph
14.  First Main Point (Roman Numeral #1)
15.  First Complete Draft
16.  Peer Review
17.  Final Draft

12.3  Working on your Introductory Paragraph

"Click Here" for info on writing the "first sentence"

Take notes over this website on writing the intro paragraph

Remember the rules for Five Paragraph Papers as far as the introduction is concerned?
Click here for more info on the introduction paragraph

Submit Assignment 12.3 on March 29

Here's what I want you to do next:

Write an introductory paragraph for your research paper following the steps for a five paragraph paper.  As far as length is concerned, for an 8-10 page paper, 1/2-3/4 page is about right.

**Note...make sure you put time and effort into this as I won't accept 2nd rate work and spend lots of time correcting it...you guys are all proficient writers and can do a great job on this.

(2 hours)

Submit Assignment 12.4 on Apr 3 (20 points)

New Way of Doing Novel Notecards
--Summarize both novels
--Choose one to do a response on
to do the response, research the theme of the novel and discuss the theme using at least 2 sources.

Novels this week due April 3;  Silas Marner and Canterbury Tales  (The Pardner's Tale)

Novels due this week:  Moby Dick and The Inferno due March 27

Mere Christianity:  Book 2; Chapters 4 & 5 due March 27 and talked about

No Test This Week