Unit #2
January 11-17
Assignment 2.1

Read and take notes over the reading from pp 215-221.  (1 hour)

Take note of the appropriate words to link your points.
On pages 219 and 220 there is a list of topics to choose from and narrow down  for a comparison/contrast paper.  Choose one of the topics, narrow it down, and write a thesis statement similar to the example on page 216 for a "point by point" pattern.

Also, on page 221 answer the 6 questions at the top of the page and submit as your proposal for your essay. (1.5 hours)

Submit Assignment 2.1 (10 pts)  due Jan 12

Assignment 2.2

Read pp 221-232.  (1 hour)

As you read the essay on pp 221-224, notice that it is in the point-by-point pattern.  Pay special attention to the way the essay is put together.  Notice the parts of the paper.  Look at the intro paragraph and ask yourself, "What is the attention getter"?  How is the thesis statement designed?  Is it simple or complex?  What about the essay map?  Is it just a list of three points?  Or is it written in a more complex format showing a mature writing style?  

Look at the topic sentences beginning each paragraph.  Do they point back to the essay map points?  Look at the examples in the paragraphs.  Do they support the topic sentences?  Do the examples support, clarify, interest, and persuade (p. 184) the reader?

Does the conclusion summarize and emphasize the writers perspective on the topic?

I would like you to put together a well-developed outline for your comparison/contrast paper.   Make sure your outline is similar to the one on page 216 in the middle of the page.   ALSO, include your thesis and essay map at the top of the page so I know what the paper is about.  
(1 hour)

Submit Assignment 2.2 (10 pts) due Jan 15

Assignment 2.3
Using your outline from Assignment 2.2, write a well-developed comparison/contrast paper using the "point-by-point" method.

Again, make sure you refer back to the checklist on page 233 to make sure you write the essay correctly.

This paper must contain well-developed paragraphs 7-10 sentences each and be 750-1000 words. (3 hours)

Submit Assignment 2.3 (50 pts) due by Jan 17