Unit #4
Jan 23-27
Novels:  The Giver and House on Mango Street due Monday, Jan 30

Test over all novels Friday, Jan 27

Assignment 4.1

Read and take notes over pages 313-331 (notice the lit terms on pp 316-317)

On page 319 read the instructions for "B" under the picture of the nickels and complete the exercise... but rather than do all 10, choose 5 and write a 5-7 sentence paragraph describing each of the 5 you chose.   (along with reading, this should take 2 hours)

​Submit Assignment 4.1; (10 points) due Wed, Jan 25

Assignment 4.2
Pick a topic from the list on page 321 and answer the questions on page 323 about your topic (1 hour)

Submit Assignment 4.2 (10 points) due Thurs, Jan 26

Assignment 4.3
Using your topic from Assignment 4.2, write a description paper.  This paper must be at least 750 words. (2 hours)

​Submit Assignment 4.3 (50 points) due Fri, Jan 27