Unit #5
January 30-February 3
Of Mice and Men/The Odyssey due Feb 6

Test over Novels Feb 5

Chapters 1-2 reading and journaling in Mere Christianity by Feb 6

Assignment 5.1

Read pp 333-347 and take notes
Please read the essays to help you better understand how narrative essays are written

Look at page 337 and pick a topic from the list, write a thesis statement and essay map, as well as an outline.  I also want you to submit your notes for pp 333-347 as well.

When writing your outline, I want 3 main points with at least 2 subpoints to support each of the three main points.

The outline should look like this.

I. fkdljfkljalfjakl
  a. fjkldjfklfja;lk
  b. fjsldkfjslkdfjasl
  c. fkdlfjalkdjf

II. falkdjfkaldjfaklsdfj
  a. akdlfjlkfjaksdl
  b. aflkdfjakdlfja
  c. alkfjksdlafdks

III. adlkfjkdlfjad
  a. alkdfjaksdlfj
  b. adljkfakdlj
  c. aflkdjfasklfjf

(2 hours)

So, this assignment asks for notes from reading, a thesis statement, an essay map, and an outline as described above.

Submit Assignment 5.1 (20 points) due Feb 3

Assignment 5.2

Once your outline, thesis and essay map are returned to you, begin writing your "narrative essay".  The essay needs to have an intro paragraph, then as many "main body" paragraphs as you have outline points (in the example above, there would be 3 main body paragraphs, then close with one concluding paragraph.  (at least 750 words)

(3 hours)

Submit Assignment 5.2 (100 points) due Feb 7

Total Time:  6 hours