Unit #7
Feb 13-17
So far, you have done #'s 1-4 (learning, Topic Decision, and writing the thesis...still need to work on essay map)

1.  Learn about research papers
2.  Google Scholar
3.  Decide on a topic
4.  Write thesis statement
5.  General Research (lots of reading using your "scanning skills")
6.  Essay map
7.  Basic Outline
8.  In-depth Research
9.  Annotated Bibliography. 
10.  Make any changes to your thesis statement and essay map
11.  Better Outline
12.  Bibliography
13.  Intro Paragraph
14.  First Main Point (Roman Numeral #1)
15.  First Complete Draft
16.  Abstract
17.  Title Page
18.  Finish APA format
19.  Peer Review
20. Transfer everything to a Word document

What Now??  Well, before you start your essay map, you need to do "gobs" of research.  Once you do enough research you will get a better idea of what direction (or three directions) you want your paper to go and you can then write the essay map. 

The research you need to do is "skim research".  This means that you browse through lots of books and articles to see if the info would be helpful to your paper.

Here's the plan:  After your topic is approved by Mr. Leiter, start the research.

To do research:  Use the CCU library and type in the search bar, words or phrases pertinent to your topic.  For example, if you were doing your paper on gray wolves you might looks up "endangered gray wolves" or "the gray wolf in the united states", etc.

Assignment 7.1

Do the research using the CCU library and/or Google Scholar and place at least 10 magazines, books, or newspaper articles in a folder, take a screenshot of the titles and send an email with a picture attachment.

Important:  you are wasting your time if you just grab sources and put them in your bookshelf.  You must skim the articles and books and look for the sources you may use in your paper.  This will take time, but better to take the time now, than later when I dump other parts of the paper in your lap and you're trying to research and write at the same time.  DO NOT DO THIS
(3 hours...seriously)

Submit 7.1 on Feb 19 (20 pts)

Assignment 7.2

At this point, you should have an idea as to what direction you want your paper to go.  Your thesis may be "tweaked" here and changed a bit.  You should also be able to come up with three points, or arguments (essay map) to support your thesis.

What you need to turn in for 7.2 is your updated thesis statement and your essay map.         (1 hour)

Submit 7.2 on Feb 21 (10 pts)

Total Time:  4 hours

The Research Paper
(the terror continues)
Hunchback and Dr. J are due Monday, Feb 13

Frankenstein and To Kill A Mocking Bird are due February 20

Test up through Dr. J is Thursday, Feb 16

Mere Christianity chapters 3 & 4 and journaling due Monday, February 20