Unit #8
Feb 20-24
1.  Learn about research papers
2.  Get a CCU library account (for online research)
3.  Decide on a topic
4.  Write thesis statement
5.  General Research (lots of reading using your "scanning skills")
6.  Essay map
7.  Basic Outline
8.  In-depth Research
9.  Annotated Bibliography. 
10.  Make any changes to your thesis statement and essay map
11.  Better Outline
12.  Bibliography
13.  Intro Paragraph
14.  First Main Point (Roman Numeral #1)
15.  First Complete Draft
16.  Abstract
17.  Title Page
18.  Finish APA format
19.  Peer Review
20. Transfer everything to a Word document

Right now you should have a well-written thesis statement and essay map put together.  You also should have a "bookshelf" full of great sources that you may...or may not use for your paper.

Actually, you have done quite a bit in the organization of your paper.

Assignment 8.1

Using your essay map, come up with a really general outline.  It should have your three points listed with a few subpoints...there can be "holes" in the outline.

Submit Assignment 8.1 on Feb 23 (5 pts)

Assignment 8.2

Let the fun begin!!
This section is probably the most time-consuming and difficult.  But...if you do it correctly it will go smoothly and work well for you...and...you will learn tons of new stuff.

WARNING:  This section is the research section...students oftentimes try to cut corners with this section by not putting the time and effort into it.  I can guarantee that if you don't put the time and effort into this, you will pay for it later...trust me.  I have written a bazillion research papers and have tried to cut corners here and it kicked my butt.  Do this section correctly and your life will be easier later on...I promise.

How to do "in-depth research":
Go to tGoogle Scholar and read (seriously read...don't skim) your info in your bookshelf.  As you read the info, make notes of thoughts you have about the reading that might be included in the paper.  What are your thoughts on what is being said?  Do you agree with the writer?  What additional points come to mind as you read the info? 

Also, and this is very important, put a Roman Numeral next to the info you are planning on using in your paper that corresponds to your outline. 

For instance, if your "Roman Numeral #1" is about "history of the gray wolf's demise" and you read some history of how they were killed off, you would put a Roman Numeral #1 next to that info.  What this does, is tell you later where the info will go in the paper.  This is very helpful.  Why?  Well, when you are writing Roman Numeral #1, the only research you need to concern yourself with is research with Roman Numeral #1's next to it.  You can ignore all other research until you come to the next point.
(8 hours)

What do I want you to turn it?  Send me the notes you took over the reading.  You have at least 10 sources in your "project folder", so you should have quite the list of notes and ideas written down.  If you took notes with pen and paper, send me pictures of your notes.  If you did the note-taking in Word, send as an attachment. 

Submit Assignment 8.2 on Feb 28 (50 pts)

Total Hours:  8.5

Frankenstein and To Kill A Mocking Bird are due February 20
Les Miserables and The Great Gatsby due February 27

Test #6 Cancelled for this week

Mere Christianity chapters 3 & 4 and journaling due Monday, February 20

Mere Christianity  read chapters 5 & Book 2, chapter 1 and journaling due Monday, February 27