Unit #10
Mar 6-10
1.  Learn about research papers
2.  Get a CCU library account (for online research)
3.  Decide on a topic
4.  Write thesis statement
5.  General Research (lots of reading using your "scanning skills")
6.  Essay map
7.  Basic Outline
8.  In-depth Research
9.  Annotated Bibliography. 
10.  Make any changes to your thesis statement and essay map
11.  Better Outline
12.  Bibliography
13.  Intro Paragraph
14.  First Main Point (Roman Numeral #1)
15.  First Complete Draft
16.  Abstract
17.  Title Page
18.  Finish APA format
19.  Peer Review
20. Transfer everything to a Word document
10.1  Perfect your Thesis and Essay Map

At this point, you've done a whole lot of hard "stuff".  Now I want you to take all that you have learned and perfect your thesis and essay map.  Make the sentences high quality, college-level writing.
(30 minutes)

Submit 10.1 Mar 7 (10 points)

10.2 Completed Well Done Outline

Do a well-developed outline by putting more details into it.  Take the outline from 8.1 (this is your basic outline with only 3 points).

Now, take the three points and give me more details.  How detailed?  Well, here is an example:

II.  stuff
A.  more stuff
1.  more stuff
2.  more stuff
B. good stuff
1.  more good stuff
2.  even more good stuff
3.  boring stuff you make good stuff
III.  s'more stuff
A.  junk
1.  junk
2.  crazy more junk
3.  wow! stuff
B.  gunk
1.  how to use gunk
2.  what to do with gunk
C.  randomness
1.  more randomness
2.  even more randomness
3.  really? even more randomness

Remember, each point of the outline is a paragraph.  So, in the above example, there are 20 paragraphs.  You should have about 30-35 points for an 8-10 page paper.  Also, if you have a point "a", you must have a point "b".  NEVER have only one subpoint...that means there really isn't enough info for going into more detail.  So, your choices are, if you have an "a", create a second point "b", or get rid of "a" altogether.  The same is true with an "A" and a "1".  You can never have just one subpoint.

Click Here for an example of a well-done outline

Now it's your turn.

Give me a completed and awesome outline.
(2 hours)

Submit 10.2 Mar 9  (20 points)

10.3  Bibliographies

At this point you have done all ten of your annotated bibliographies.  You have also put together a high quality thesis and essay map.  Finally, you have done your outline in detail.  So, now the job begins in showing me how much you have learned (aka..."the paper").  So, in this step, we do something pretty simple.  You should know at this point which sources you are going to use to support your thesis.

Also,  these sources should be in correct APA format from your annotated bibliography assignment.

Take each bibliography from your annotated bibliography assignment and put them all together on a single document in the correct APA format.

"Click Here" for an example of a bibliography page (also called a Reference Page)

As you put together your bibliographies for your reference page, remember that you are a college student and you are responsible to do the research for correct APA form.  A couple of things...not all of them...that you should remember about APA form for bibliographies:

1.  do not number your sources
2.  nothing should be underlined
3.  all text must be black...oftentimes the computer will make website addresses blue and underline them...you must fix this
4.  all sources must be in alphabetical order according to author
5.  make sure your tabs are correct
6.  everything is double spaced

What I want you to do:  take all of the sources you are planning on using (you can take out or add more as you write the paper) from each of your annotated bibliography assignment, put them in correct APA format, and turn them in.
(1.5 hours)

Submit 10.3  Mar 10 (10 points)

Total  Time:  4 hours

Animal Farm and Beowulf due March 6

Test up through Beowulf Thursday, March 9

Mere Christianity  read Book 2, chapters 2 & 3 and journaling due Monday, March 6